Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And so it begins!

Hello all! Welcome to my very first blog post, on my very first blog.

After the ten-hour flight from JFK to Athens (during which I was served at least ten in-flight meals) I made my way to customs. The Greek men in front of me in line began jubilantly singing what I can only imagine was a very patriotic song. Off to a very great start.

For a few minutes, I searched around for a CYA sign or a confident adult to shepherd me to my new home. Instead, I found a group of similarly jet lagged young adults congregated in a corner of the airport. Our leaders were late- an indicator of the differences in Greek culture that we will have to grow accustomed to. Eventually, we successfully made our way to the apartments in Pagrati, our neighborhood in Athens.

The apartments are huge, with four balconies and a spacious kitchen. The whole place is airy and big enough for my five wonderful roommates and me. The picture below is one my roommate, Marina took of one the two (!!) balconies in our bedroom. It overlooks a beautiful old, Greek Orthodox Church. I'm going to keep these short and sweet, in the hopes that it will make them less intimidating and encourage me to blog more often. More later!

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